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Hi, I'm Lydia 



As a mother of two children enrolled in the Clark County Schools District, I have firsthand experience with the education system. 


I have proudly served in the U.S. Air Force for the past ten years. With my background as a Flight Chief and my educational qualifications, I have developed a strong leadership foundation that enables me to excel in leadership roles. 

I passionately wrote a book in 2020 called Don't Turn Back, which serves as a survival guide for women seeking to escape domestic violence.



Bachelor of Business Management, 2016



Airman Leadership School, Sheppard AFB, Texas 2015


Associates Degree in Human Resource Mgmt, 2014


Attendance Zone Advisory Committee 2022 | 2023 – Present

Clark County School District, Las Vegas, NV 

  • Appointed by the school board Trustee Katie Williams.

  • Proudly served as a steward of taxpayer dollars and student well-being, offering guidance on expanding Las Vegas valley to meet student and campus needs. 

Air Force Reserve Honor Guard         2013 – 2018

Beale Air Force Base, California

Policies & Philosophies 

Student Achievement


The sole purpose of school systems is to enhance student outcomes. It's imperative for CCSD to increase literacy rates, and I'm committed to working with state lawmakers to achieve this crucial goal. I firmly believe that a focus board, dedicated to student outcomes and achievement, is key to achieving our educators' and students' goals.

Boards do play a role in student achievement and their actions matter. I promise to hold the district accountable for academic success, and collaboratively setting high learning standards. Additionally, fostering teamwork with the administration and creating districtwide conditions for student and staff success are crucial responsibilities.

Parental Rights

I prioritize community involvement and collaborative decision-making. As a board member, I'll actively listen to parents, recognizing that our schools belong to the community. I am committed to being responsive to the needs of CCSD students, parents, and teachers. By working together, we can enhance communication and engagement, informing and advising parents to support their children's learning. Furthermore, I'll advocate for science and biology-based approaches to accommodation, ensuring the fair protection of girls' and boys' sports. Join me in creating a more academic focused and responsive school board.

Educators & Staff 

I'm dedicated to supporting educators, ensuring their effective teaching and taking concerns about student discipline seriously. It is essential for educators to have the ability to teach effectively in their classrooms and have their concerns about student discipline taken seriously.


It is critical for CCSD to recruit, employ, and keep an exceptional workforce, particularly teachers and bus drivers. Build on the onboarding process and providing continuous mentorship to new teachers. It is imperative that we stop the loss of outstanding educators and recognize their dedicated work. Together, let's build a brighter future for our students and educators.

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